777 Strike

777 Strike is not that simple at all. It’s a well-constructed slot game with a lot of gaming nuances. The setting itself is on a well-lit grid platform. From the beginning itself, the player can realise this. 


This is not like those fruity slots with extra-fruity features. Something more is here and its quite fascinating. The whole game is created on a fun-themed vibe floor with a lot of mixed rainbow colours and colourful fruits. From the start page itself, the player gets a totally freshened welcome by the vigour centric hues. All symbols can be found in countless classic slots, and most have a little crown icon imprinted on them to emphasise the fact. The paytable starts with J-A royals, followed by cherries, lemons, blue sevens, green sevens, and red sevens. Sevens are the higher value lot, paying out prizes worth 35 to 77 times the stake for a combo made up of five symbols. Wild symbols have the same value as the red sevens but pay for lines of five of a kind only.

Bonus Features

777 Strike’s central feature is a bonus round of free spins, triggered when 3 scatter symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5. When triggered, 7 free spins are awarded, which begin with extra wild symbols being added to the reels. On the final spin, there is a chance of moving up to the next level of the bonus round if 3 Win Spins symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5. If they do, +7 Win Spins are awarded.


It’s kind of far from completion and the gamers can see that. Talking about the negative side, the game has no bonus sides. The primary game is the final. This supports the lack of depth in features. Still, all these cons can be terminated while looking closely at the overall minimal structure of the game.