Gold Collector

Golden slots are not new in this industry. But the correction here would be the layout and the presentation. Here, it’s all new and fabulous. From the rolling to the rewards, everything has that refreshed touch to it. The players just have to roll these mega ways to experience it.

The Playstation

Gold Collector is made for pure fun and fantasy. The layout is much perfect and futuristic. Even though a bit of cliche is there, it’s not that bad to roll this one. The background here carries this all-time favourite gold centre with more gold and other golden relics. The imagery here is very simply done. It’s bright, colourful and nice and clear. Without any hesitation, the players can easily roll this one. It’s that simple. The symbols are also golden. The symbols are mining equipment such as a spade, gold cart and lanterns as high-value icons. There are a series of low-value symbols too in the form of playing cards. The slot lets the players place a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 100 per spin. The maximum a player can win is 1200 times the maximum stake which is £120,000. Free Spins and their tumble will be the primary feature here. 8 free spins are awarded when 3 scatter symbols land on reels 2,3 and 4. In addition to this, this very same feature brings forth an opportunity to activate the hyper hole feature which can also retrigger 8 free spins when scattering symbols land on reels 2,3 and 4 again. This might not seem big, but it is something huge during the roll.

Bonus Features

Hyperhold Feature will be the main bonus here. This is actually a respin feature that is triggered using gold coins with the help of the mountains. Here the gold coins appear on each reel but when three or more appear the hyper hole feature is triggered. When activated, three free spins are awarded for reels holding the triggering coins.


Nothing hard is there to roll here. It’s just the perfect balance of rolling and luck. Gold Collector is for all.